Fortunately for us all (and our wallets), there are lots of wonderful transitional pieces from this past winter, and even LAST Spring and Summer, for the warmer months of 2018! However, as always, there are some major statement pieces to lust after – TRENCHCOATS and YELLOW everything! I feel like every Spring, I’m always on the hunt for a classic trench, so perhaps this will be the year I find THE ONE. I’m also loving the fact that all the vintage trends are here to stay because as you guys know, i’m a 70’s girl at heart.

Big shoulders, mini skirts, belt bags — they are all here to stay this season, so flaunt your vintage looks and add your own personalized stylish touch!

Check out my take on the best trends this Spring and Summer for 2018!

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Definitely the perfect outerwear, always. You can literally be wearing pyjamas or sweats underneath, and you’ll still look classy AF.

YELLOW. Quite the powerful and loud colour that’s for sure. Yellow was all over the runways as the hottest colour this season, but I get that it’s not for everyone. However, there is a way to wear it, and honestly ANYONE can look good in it! Explore different shades of yellow, pieces with yellow accents on it, or even accessories with yellow — trust me, everyone can look good in any colour!

Who knew rain gears and windbreakers would hit the runways? I’m not so sure i’ll be strutting around in anoraks, but definitely will keep up with the raincoat trend. I already have a super cute floral one I found a couple years ago!

I think this season i’ll look for more skirts with ruffles or ruffles around the shoulders of shirts and tops. Pieces with ruffles make for such an easy outfit. Perfect to throw on when you feel like “you have nothing to wear” — guaranteed to get a few compliments without even trying!

The best outfits to feel sexy and feminine in would be sheer everything! Layering solids underneath, to layering some hot lingerie underneath, you can go from business to PARTY in no time!

This one is probably my most favourite. I love wearing check prints on the top and bottom, as an oversized blazer, give me all of it! If you are hesitant because you’re worried it may look and feel too preppy, go and buy some check printed items right now because you will not! You can look sexy and fun, and I promise you won’t look too preppy or too conservative (unless of course that’s the style you are going for!).

What’s more groundbreaking as a trendy print for spring than florals?! Clearly nothing! This time around, try and pick out pieces with smaller floral prints instead of the big ones! I love the dainty and finer floral prints. So beautiful, soft, and feminine!

Never fear, I always have a back-up colour palette that is still super trendy for the less daring fashionistas! Pastels make me feel so warm and happy, which is something we all need in my opinion, with this miserable and painfully cold winter we are trying to get through! So yes, be extra with this trendy colour this season!

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Can’t wait to see how you guys style your outfits this season!
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source: Vogue Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear + FF Channel