Spring/Summer 2017 is going to be very exciting this year! Lots of amazing pieces to look forward to!
I have been following and researching ALL the major fashion capitals – Paris, Milan, London, New York – and compiled a list of my take on the hottest trends to come this Spring and Summer, just for you!

There’s a lot of inspiration from the new romantics era mixed with disco fever, grunge, and boho hippy! We’re bringing back all the good stuff from the 70’s and 80’s (my personal favourites). Whether you like the soft-feminine style, or edgy-punk style, there’s something for everyone.

● ● ●

PINK: There’s a lot of pink on the runways this season. Mix up different shades of pink, or use it as an accent colour.

BLOOD ORANGE: If pink isn’t your thing, how about blood orange? Orange has never been the best colour for me, but I’m hoping I can find some good pieces to layer into my outfits for the warmer months.

Delpozo - Photo: Luca Tombolini/Indigital.tv
Delpozo – Photo: Luca Tombolini/Indigital.tv

COLOUR BLOCKING/PASTELS: Mix up the two most sought-after colours and try colour blocking or feel free to explore other pastel tones like blue, yellow, and green.

Miu Miu - Photo: Monica Feudi/Indigital.tv
Miu Miu – Photo: Monica Feudi/Indigital.tv

CHECK/STRIPES: I really like loud outfits or loud combinations, and incorporating patterns can really change your look into something more and exciting. Add some checks and stripes to your wardrobe this season. I’m literally talking about all of them – Gingham, Madras, Tartan Plaid, to Bengal, Candy, and Pin Stripes, mix them all up! You can pattern-block with stripes-on-stripes, or checks-on-checks, and of course, stripes-on-checks… you get the idea!

ANIMAL PRINT: Leopard and Zebra prints are being re-used again this season in the most exciting way! You may find these prints on the trendiest fabrics and materials this year, so it will look fresh and different in a whole new light.

METALLIC: Metallics can be layered in with all the other trends for this season, from accessories to everyday-wear. Would you dare to try metallic-on-metallic? I think I might!

DENIM: This one is a classic for Spring and Summer for sure. One tip I can give is to try and mix and match the denim-on-denim look with different washes and varying distressed patterns.

RUFFLES/BIG SLEEVES/BIG SHOULDERS: Big shoulders were sneaking into our closets last year, but we are giving our full attention to them this Spring. Make the most of it and add some texture to your looks with lots of ruffles, big sleeves, and poofy shoulders!

BABYDOLL: This is one of my favourite styles. I like to play around with this one so it can look edgy, or I will play off the babydoll style and go for the extra feminine look. It’s a fun style to try anything with!

Marc Jacobs - Photo: Umberto Fratini/Indigital.tv
Marc Jacobs – Photo: Umberto Fratini/Indigital.tv

SHEER/FISHNET: I feel like sheer is here to stay and it’s not going to be leaving us anytime soon, which I am completely okay with. It’s a great layering piece and you really can’t go wrong with it. I’m also loving that fishnets are making a comeback! You’ll be seeing it in the forms of bodysuits, tanks, or simply in leg-wear — I want all of it!

Louis Vuitton - Photo: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv
Louis Vuitton – Photo: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv

PUNK: I think I am most excited about this one. I love mixing up the grungy, punk style with my feminine side. You’ll see me in lots of leathers, fishnets, ruffles and pink everything this season! Studded hardware, zippers, and buckles were being used a lot on the runways as accenting details on the clothes. Punk may not be your go-to, but you may still find some of the delicate and chic pieces with these details on them.

MINI SKIRTS: Time to show off those legs for days! Mini skirts are a must-have this season!

Elie Saab - Photo: Luca Tombolini/Indigital.tv
Elie Saab – Photo: Luca Tombolini/Indigital.tv

BELOW-THE-KNEE/MID-CALF LENGTH SKIRTS: I love my mini’s but I also love wearing longer skirts. I can see how some may find this particular cut restricting, but with the right fabrics, I think you’ll find yourself falling for it more and more! For all the shorter girls out there, don’t worry, you can still rock this look! I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’m really not that tall, and I love wearing long skirts! You just need a good pair of heels or platforms to keep those legs elongated! Never say no to something because of the way you look!

Mary Katrantzou - Photo: Kim Weston Arnold/Indigital.tv
Mary Katrantzou – Photo: Kim Weston Arnold/Indigital.tv

ASYMMETRY/DRAMATIC SLITS: The asymmetry and the dramatic slits will make the longer skirts and dresses more fun and daring. I love that anything goes when it comes to asymmetry. This applies to the cut, colour, style… literally anything. Have some fun with this one!

FITTED TOPS UNDER CROPPED BUSTIERS/CORSETS: For those of you that can’t quite let go of the 90’s trend of slip dresses layered with basic tees, this is for you. The layering ticket item this season is cropped bustiers/corsets! Make it sexy or make it cute, because this is one layering trend that won’t be leaving us just quite yet.

Giambattista Valli - Photo: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv
Giambattista Valli – Photo: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv

ATHLETIC-LEISURE WEAR: You’ll never find me in sweats walking down the street, going to the grocery store, or even when I’m taking my dog-niece out for a walk. I’m that girl. The girl that looks extra going to the grocery store. BUT, this is one trend I will definitely be trying out. The fitted, athletic-leisure, everyday-wear is hot on the runways. Wear it with stylish slides, platform sandals, or with ankle booties, it’s the most comfortable trend to be in this season!

BELT BAGS: LOVING this! Oddly, I was getting drawn to the fanny packs and belt bags last year, but never came across any that I fell in love with. I’m hoping we see some more fun, modern belt bags in the shops this season! These bags aren’t just for music festivals, so don’t be scared to wear them around the city!

No. 21 - Photo: Marcus Tondo/Indigital.tv
No. 21 – Photo: Marcus Tondo/Indigital.tv

● ● ●

Show me your style!

xx CC

source: Vogue Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear + FF Channel


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