How brutal has this winter been for us Canadians! I’m so over it — aren’t you? The older I get, the more I want to escape this country with four seasons and move to someplace sunny and warm all year long. I guess i’m saying I totally understand retired living!
But that said, I do love my bi-annual wardrobe change and always look forward to collecting new items or purging to make room for more. Especially with these spring/summer 2019 trends, I’ll definitely need to go on a big shopping spree!

Here’s everything you need to know to stay relevant this season!

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Having been obsessed with earth tones and browns all winter, I love that we are seeing lots of nude palettes on the runway this season. It’s the perfect transition piece, and also a refreshing colour that’s not too loud or too bold — which is usually my go-to. Of course there are vibrant colours out there this season, but “nudes” are what i’ll be after this spring!

TIP: Try and look for pieces that match your skin tone. Whether you are going to work or heading out to a bar, you’ll look effortless and super chic!

Yes indeed. The bike shorts are back and i’m so excited! If you said “ick” to this last year, we’ll forgive you. You were probably not ready but i’m sure you DEFINITELY want to try this out this spring! You don’t have to make it look like Kim K’s athleisure style with crop tops or sports bras. Make it more functional for you so you feel comfortable and good! Grab an oversized blazer and throw on a belt; tuck in a nice blouse and wear some killer pumps; the options are endless. 

I think we will forever see influences of past fashion trends emerge onto the runways for years to come. All the ruffles that have been trending for a while now always seem to come back season after season in a new light. This time around, I found the collections to be inspired by the 19th century Victorian dresses – of course with a modern twist. Picture petticoats or crinoline, but pulled up to the neckline. I think these dresses are stunning and very playful. If only I had suitable events to attend…. *sigh*

Some serious Mary Poppins vibes here. Pantsuits are becoming increasingly more popular and who can blame them?! It can be formal, casual, sexy — so many ways to go about this one to mix and match! They are definitely one of my go-to’s for those “I don’t have anything to wear” days.

I really love this one. When someone asks me to define my personal style, I can never describe it as one thing because it’s usually just all over the place. I like to mix a little bit of everything in my outfits because I feel that is the best way to express myself – a fusion of many things: abstract, boho, chic, all of the above!

So this trend is right on point for me, and it will also be a great transition into Fall 2019! Mix your casual tees with ruffle skirts, blouses with cargo pants, button ups with stylish track pants — anything goes!

Not sure if i’ve ever mentioned it, but I actually don’t like purses. I don’t enjoy lugging things around but because life happens and I can’t carry all my little belongings around everywhere, i’ve resorted to using mini purses or micro bags. That is… until this year. I’ve never been more in need of a large bag than this year. From work, to the gym, to the occasional nights out with friends, I am seriously “strugs to func” and in dire need of something bigger to carry all of my shit in.

*enter oversized bags*

This trend is back in style this season and I am welcoming it with open arms! Officially on the hunt for a new bag!

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source: Vogue Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear + FF Channel