Continuing with the 70’s inspiration we saw this past spring/summer, we are seeing more of it for this season too! This time with the focus primarily on the prints and fabrics to style the vintage-inspired pieces in a modern and trendy way.

CREAMCOTTONS has got you covered with a complete guide of the hottest trends this season!

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The power of RED. Red is such a sexy, bold colour, and I love it! But you do need to be careful when you are shopping for your red pieces this season. It can be a difficult colour to pull off, especially with some of that summer glow you’ll be bringing into the start of the season. You might have to play around with your shades of red to truly find the one that best matches and compliments your complexion. Kind of like finding the perfect red lipstick, the “one shade” won’t be perfect for everyone. Thankfully, you will be seeing a lot of this colour all season, so you’ll have plenty of time to try out different shades and find your perfect red!

Love that the 70’s plaid is making a comeback! I’m a 70’s girl at heart, always was and always will be. This season, incorporate some plaid into your wardrobe for a classic, timeless look. This kind of plaid contains very fine lines to create the pattern so it doesn’t look “too preppy” or “too hipster” but rather, just a fun way to add some colour to some of your pieces. Get this print as a top of your choice, bottoms, or even in outerwear!

Whether it’s faux or real, the shearling lining in coats and boots will be screaming out at you this season! Take advantage of this hot trend to stay extra warm yet stylish!

Who can say no to boots! This is what I miss the most about summer! I don’t live in a place where summer is tolerable in shorts paired with boots… it’s simply too hot, and I would be dead. So YES, I am SUPER excited to be stomping around in boots again! Tall boots, or over-the-knee boots, you’ll be right on track with either or, so dust off your last season boots and join the party, or maybe splurge — on a pair of Saint Laurent patent boots perhaps? (personally majorly lusting after).

Often times with fall/winter clothes, it can be hard to bring out your true feminine beauty because we are in bulkier, chunkier clothes. Not this season though! There are tons of beautiful, lingerie-inspired romantic lace pieces to layer in with literally EVERYTHING. Wear it under a sleeveless dress with tights, wear it with trousers and a blazer, find a lace dress and wear a sweater over top; so many combinations to try out!

I am such a sucker for over-sized coats!! I love the cozy look, and luckily with my new “romantic lace” pieces peeping out from here and there, I won’t look like a boy. I also love that you can layer so much underneath, and you won’t look stuffy or feel too constricted. Hmmm I think for myself, I am in the market for a shearling over-sized coat! What do you guys think? If you come across any, give me a shout pretty please!

Ah yes, the sexy and sultry velvet trend greets us again this year, but you won’t be disappointed with what’s in store for you! Compared to 2016, this trend has comeback with a bolder twist, so you will still feel that fresh trendy sensation as you strut around in all the velvet finds this season. The beautiful luxe jewel-tone velvet pieces are what I am lusting after for sure. Can’t wait to rock everything velvet from head to toe!

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source: Vogue Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear + FF Channel