Probably the most challenging destination to pack for… England.
What to pack, or how to pack when the weather is so unpredictable! Once I got here, I didn’t realize how poorly I had packed for this part of my trip. I guess I was just super excited about Spain, I somehow ended up just throwing in random crap into my suitcase! I didn’t even have a proper jacket!

Kensington Palace Gardens

The first day we landed, we were all absolutely exhausted — as it is to be expected when travelling, but have you ever felt so exhausted that you felt like throwing up? Probs TMI, but that’s how I felt… yet slapped on a smile and marched out of our hotel to please our sweet mother.

It was really worth it to see her so excited to be in England, stepping on the grounds she’d always wanted. My mom has this crazy obsession for the royals, so she was even more ecstatic when we got to take her to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace (like a kid in a candy shop — for real).

I’ve only ever been to England one other time before this trip, but i’ll always love coming here. Something about it feels like home — it’s so comfortable, easy, and relaxing. Also, it’s the only place I feel “okay” with NOT using an umbrella when it rains, and yes I will still wear a maxi dress and stomp through puddles.

Shoreditch House

The first day was kind of a write off for me, because we had to knock down a bunch of the tourist-y things for our mom. Second day, third day, it was starting to feel more like a vacation. Getting to know the streets, revisiting familiar grounds, it was really nice. Now, what did I wear?
Well, if you read my Spain story, I admitted to no longer being able to explore cities in high heels. So THANK GOODNESS for these Common Projects sneakers! They were my go-to everyday.

One of my favourite outfits I wore was this one. I didn’t know how the day would pan out, so my outfit had to be suitable for a possible glitz and glam and/or casual. On this day I wore an off-white MSGM cropped quarter sleeve top, paired with leggings and a beaded black overlay. Super comfortable and easy, and the detailing on the overlay makes it a little more dressy without even trying. Loved this one!

Leicester, England

Reaping the benefits of a Soho House member (thank you sissy), we managed to house-hop to a fair amount of locations in London (and Oxford, but i’ll rave more about this in a bit) and deep down I was hoping to run into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at one of the houses. With no such luck, I continued to enjoy the good food, cocktails, great company, and strolled around the beautiful streets. Again, erring on the side of more “casual”, on one of the nights I wore a red ribbed long sleeve top and black AG skinny jeans. Kept it simple with no layering. Sometimes all you need is a good simple top and you’re good to go!

Continuing the house-hop, we made it out to Oxford, and after extensively exploring the Harry Potter grounds, we checked ourselves into the Farmhouse for the day! Oh my goodness… this will definitely be my next vacation spot, slash… I also want to live here. Such a quaint, beautiful, relaxing ranch in the middle of nowhere, and that’s not even the best part! We could’ve brought our sweet Lola and stayed in one of the cabins! Definitely will be doing this in the near future.

Of course, can’t NOT talk about the food. Always amazing at all their houses i’ve been to, but this ranch had a special Japanese restaurant which came highly recommended by the staff, so we ended up having dinner here. WOW, unbelievably delicious and flavourful! All the fresh sashimi, veggies, maki… I think we ate almost everything on the menu!

Pen Yen, Soho Farmhouse

Among many things like getting shuttled around in the BMW i8 coupe (no big deal), horseback riding was also available! Unfortunately, they were all booked up for the day, but on my bike ride around the ranch, I locked eyes with this beauty who came running towards me. Soulmates. We shared an intimate moment where she let me pet her while she dined on the fresh grass.

Soho Farmhouse

And now for the highlight of my trip — Restaurant Gordon Ramsay! I booked this restaurant two months in advance so I literally scheduled this whole trip based on this reservation! Ever since going to Per Se last year, I decided to try and hit up at least one Michelin Star restaurant on every vacation, so here I am!

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

I’ve never been to a restaurant with such a strict dress code. I accidentally forgot to tell my sister it was “business-smart” because I didn’t think much of it. She wore a nice dress with sneakers, and when the maître d saw her outfit, she whispered something to another staff member saying something like “it’s okay for her”… like, YES she could’ve gotten kicked out for wearing sneakers! Crazy.

Anyway, from start to finish, everything was impeccable, and definitely met up to my expectations. We went for a daytime prix fixe, and having polished off a bottle of rose, I was definitely boozy woozy and was trying so hard not to let it show. The maître d came by after our meal and kindly offered to give us a tour of the restaurant! It was a small space, like all things British, but well organized, modern, and beautiful.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

So many wonderful memories, great food, and even greater company.
Can’t wait for my next adventure!



xx CC


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