Finally I get to share with you guys about my time in amazing Barcelona!
I’ve probably been looking forward to this trip for a few months now. I’ll also quickly share with you guys a little bit about what I’ve been going through as well. My dad passed away earlier this year. He was sick for a while, and we were fortunate enough to have him get the care he needed in the comfort of his own home – with the help of some truly wonderful people of course.
Anyway, throughout dark and hard times, my sister and I decided to surprise our mom with a trip to a couple places in Europe! We started off in England and slowly made our way over to my new favourite place, Barcelona, Spain.

happy pills – Carrer dels Arcs

I tried my best to collect and shop for “spanish”-inspired pieces before the trip. Basically what that meant in my head was ruffles, light fabrics, and bright colours! On my “adventure” day I wore a white cotton English Factory dress paired with Charlotte Olympia slides. Everything was super accessible on foot, so we managed to walk around to most places during our time there. If this was me even last year? I would have probably been stomping around in platform sandals… I don’t mean to blame age… but I’m gonna. I can no longer do “adventure walks” in stilts.

Soho House Barcelona

One of my other favourite outfits from this trip was the Lovers + Friends romper I wore paired with Common Projects sneakers (again, going for comfort here). I actually wanted something by For Love and Lemons, but this trip was already costing me an arm and a leg, so after much searching and hunting, I ended up finding this romper that kind of looked like it! Yay!

So in love!
What a beautiful city, beautiful people, architecture – it really took my breath away.
The colours, the city in praise of Gaudí, the culture…

W Barcelona

I was actually very surprised at how calm and relaxed the whole city was too. Siesta time alone is reason enough to move out here! I always forget about the European culture until I actually visit places on this side of the world. People here live day to day finding time to enjoy life THROUGHOUT their day. Here in Toronto, I feel like we live a more stressed and fast-paced lifestyle, and only look FORWARD to the weekend to “have fun” or relax.

La Barceloneta

Now that i’m back, i’m hoping to try and enjoy more of my day to day. Also, my new job, being that it’s a new job, right now doesn’t allow much room for leisure, so I am going to try my best to find time for myself and incorporate a more healthy work/life balance! I really hope you guys enjoyed my post! Gracias!




xx CC


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