Hey guys! It’s definitely been a while and I am so sorry for being so inconsistent with my posts!
As I promised on IG, I will be sharing with you guys more of my personal life and what’s been going on with me, but I am nervous about sharing so much at once, so I will do so little by little.

I got a new job (yay) so I no longer have the luxury to wear casual mixed outfits on the daily.
The first couple of days into the job, I struggled with how to bring my personal style to life with contemporary work clothes — I think I finally have a handle on things now though!

Mixing prints, colour-blocking, anything “loud” really, I LOVE.
Photographed here, I am wearing a black and white asymmetrical checked ruffle dress with a orange cropped tweed jacket.
If you are not much of a colour person, you can definitely work a checkprint dress with a solid coloured blazer! For those of you who can wear something more casual, a nice denim jacket, metallic bomber, anything goes really!



xx CC


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