I’m not too fond of wearing many layers, so for me, statement pieces are always key – especially in the winter.
I’ve been loving cropped oversized knits with anything denim. How cute is this sweater with all these eyes! Unfortunately this one is no longer available but I got this sweater from TSOQ.
As for the bottoms, I can’t wear blue jeans at work, so i’m always on the hunt for more high-waisted black skinnies – the more the merrier!

I recently discovered that Zara makes the most perfect jeans. Umm… did anyone else know this?
Being short and awkward shaped, it’s really hard for me to find perfect jeans right off the bat. I usually have to hem them myself and tailor the ankles in more to fit my body. BUT, Zara is now my go-to! THANK YOU ZARA!

On a side note, for all you beautiful short gals, J Brand cropped, Rag & Bone cropped jeans are also amazing. Sometimes they can be a little on the shorter side, but I like my pants to fit that way, so it works for me.


Always show me your style!
Tag #creamcottons + #ccstyle

xx CC


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