This past weekend, I finally celebrated my long overdue belated birthday with my family. I don’t typically enjoy celebrating my own birthday, because I always get so miserable about getting old. However, starting this year, I decided it’s not such a bad thing. Cliché as it may be, age is just a number, right?

“Age is just a number.”

I think I used to be nervous about getting old because of the anticipation of what was expected of you at a certain age as you grow up. Also, the anticipation of everything potentially slowing down as you grow older. But you know what, I’m learning that if you keep thinking this way, then yes, these things may happen to you, like everything slowing down and your anxiety spiking up as you try to be and do what society used to tell you — basically complete sh*t.
And let me tell you, there will be sh*tty people out there constantly trying to drill the “old” way into you, BUT, try your best to tune them out and learn to just embrace it. Embrace adding another year of wisdom, embrace the fact that everyone is different so things (the good and bad) will happen at different times for you, then it’s much more enjoyable to celebrate your big day.

I feel like I suddenly learned so much and experienced so much in such a short period of time that, at this point, I feel nothing will really surprise me. And I don’t mean for this to sound negative. What I mean is, I am excited about “not knowing” what’s to come my way this year. Literally anything is a possibility, so I’m going to try and take things day by day.

Everyday I am so grateful for my family and friends around me who constantly show me love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – I love you!

And thank you to all YOU guys! You guys keep me motivated to do more and to do better with my blog!

Starting this year, I am going to try and help you guys shop my outfits!
So, check out the images below to shop this outfit!

NOTE: The glitter boots I am wearing I got from Browns Shoes last year, but unfortunately, it’s sold out and no longer available! I got mine from Browns because their heel was the most similar to my DREAM YSL Niki Boots — so if you can afford the gorgeous $15,000 CAD boots, then please do and I will be forever jealous!


You know I always love to see your stylish creations,
so don’t forget to tag #creamcottons

xx CC


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