Sorry guys!
I’ve been majorly slacking on keeping up with my posts, but no excuses. I am back now!

Let me catch you guys up on what I’ve been up to, starting with Dîner en Blanc Toronto 2017, if you haven’t been keeping up with my IG posts.

IG: @creamcottons

It was my 4th year attending this past summer, and it’s always such an amazing time. However, we were all getting a little nervous for this year’s festivities because…
there was a 90% chance it was going to RAIN!
I know, I know, I was freaking out because let’s be real, I can’t.

Regardless of what the weather had in store for us later that evening, I still managed to pull together my best all-white look, and remained positive. Not one thing from my outfit this year was a new purchase, but they were pieces I hadn’t worn in a while that I dug up from deep in my closet.

I wore a stretchy jean, off-the-shoulder button-up white top, paired with a lightly embroidered white skirt. I accessorized with silver accents using my star choker and silver studded platform sandals. I wanted my outfit to look good but easy enough to move around in because I’d be lugging around a white cart with my picnic goods in it.

As we called our Uber ride to get to our meeting spot, the inevitable happened. Rain.

Everyone made it to our meeting spot, and we all sat in our coach bus semi miserable, and semi hopeful. After waiting it out for about an hour, it seemed to stop raining so our driver made moves to take us to the secret location!

*insert cheering/applause*

Secret Location: Canoe Landing

We made it!

Once we got our row set up, we proceeded with the traditional napkin wave to kick-off the evening.

There were spurts of rain here and there, but not enough to stop drinking and eating!

Then there was a solid period where we saw clear skies, so we took advantage of that moment to get all the selfies and outfit pics, of course.

As we were heading back to our seat, I had this funny feeling, and just kind of wanted to pack up JUST IN CASE it started raining again. So we did and as we were nearly finished packing up our belongings…

We quickly whipped out our clear umbrellas and just started booking it. We had two full bottles of champagne to finish, and obviously we weren’t going to leave a single drop behind. So there we were, standing under our umbrellas chugging champagne from the bottle, watching over everyone… who seemed like they were in no rush to pack, but rather they began dancing and tried to light up their sparklers in the rain! It was so crazy! Everyone was still having a blast and my sister and I were just laughing our heads off trying to chug our bottles and join in on the sparkler fun!

Definitely a first for me to attend this even in the rain, but it was still a lot of fun!

What did you guys think about my outfit? What would you wear to an all-white party?
Share in the comments below!

xx CC


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