I actually love music festivals. I love dressing up for it and bringing the inner bohemian girl in me to life.
But I just can’t do the camping.
I did it/tried it once last year, in a beautiful Lotus Belle tent, and even so I just couldn’t enjoy the whole camping aspect of it.
So I was actually really upset about this because music festivals are always so far away, and you basically need to sleep on the event grounds to enjoy the full experience, but because that wasn’t an option for me, I was beginning to accept the fact that I probably would never be able to go to a music festival again!

*insert dramatic music*

Then something magical happened.

What would I do without my sissy?! She surprised me with VIP passes to Wayhome, and pitched the idea of driving up for one of the days! YAY!


Here I am looking all giddy and filled with joy at Wayhome 2017!
It was a beautiful sunny day and with ample shade, lots of comfy seating, I had a ball of a time!

I wore the Amelia dress from For Love And Lemons, and accessorized with black accents.
The pictures really don’t do it justice. This dress is absolutely stunning and incredibly detailed in every way!
It has a deep plunging neckline and is fitted to the body. Underneath there is a mini nude silk slip to help cover just the right areas, and even though it was long sleeved, the sheer fabric made it breathable.

Here is a close up of the details. How beautiful is the floral embroidery?! So perfect!

Another exciting thing to add to my second Wayhome experience, was that I was approached by The Kit Magazine for an outfit pic! Thanks again to The Kit for such an amazing set up and for the great photo.

Funny story how this all went down though. I was sitting alone in the shade underneath this giant tree, eating a HUGE box of chilli cheese fries — again, just by myself. My sister and our friend were still in line waiting to get their food from the food trucks, and because I was too hungry and couldn’t wait, just plopped down and began stuffing my face.
As I’m taking huge bites of my fries, one of the girls from The Kit Mag walks over and asks me to come over for a pic, looks at my food *slight pause* and says “when you’re done eating”. LOL!! And with my mouth half full, I tried to say, “Okay, sounds good!”

I still managed to eat a good chunk of my fries before I walked over for the photo, and of course had to spend a bit of time in the bathroom cleaning up my chilli and cheese stained face.

I had the most fun and now am ready to take on ALL the music festivals!

Which music festivals have you guys been to? And most importantly, what did you wear?!
Don’t forget to tag me #creamcottons to share!

xx CC


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