Finally featuring my amazing new summer purse: Cult Gaia’s Malachite Acrylic Ark.

It’s actually the perfect accessory for this season because it can easily bring any outfit to another level, simply by carrying it! I love how the acrylic panels create some space in between so you can show off all the little pretty things you carry inside your purse!

You do want to be a little careful with it though (mental note to self). I’m not very careful with any of my nice things… which is why I probably shouldn’t own anything nice, but what can you do?!
You can’t throw this purse around, or have it sitting on the back of your seat when you are at a restaurant — meaning, you can’t lean on it with all your weight.

One last “flaw” (if I can even use that word to describe this beautiful piece), is that the acrylic panels are tied with this plastic fisherman’s string, so the finishing of the knots that can be found in a few nooks on the body of the purse can scratch your clothing. In light of this, I found that I couldn’t comfortably carry it, having it swing back and forth, brushing against my clothes, because it kept getting caught on it.

So I wouldn’t recommend wearing anything sheer, spandex, or any light-weight delicate pieces when you are accessorizing with the Gaia’s Ark.

Other than that, I have been enjoying every moment with it, and it makes for the perfect instagram-worthy accessory! To make it extra special, you can tie a beautiful printed scarf at the handle, making your ark extra personal and unique!

How do you style your Gaia’s Ark?
Tag #creamcottons to show me your style!

xx CC


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