H A P P Y  P R I D E

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend celebrating LOVE and equality!

Sporting some in-style athletic-leisure wear, I decided to wear this beautiful printed portrait jersey dress, paired with my metallic platform sandals. I’ve had this dress for a couple years now, but I guess I never really gave it much attention in the spotlight. It’s definitely an attention-grabbing dress for sure though.

Every time I wear it, I notice people doing a double-take, and at least one or two people will ask,
“Oh, is that Mona Lisa?”

Valid question for sure, but even I know this is no Mona Lisa…
And I really can’t say who the artist is, or who this is a portrait of, because I have NO IDEA.
So if any of you guys know, please give me a shout!
I do know that it’s a portrait from the 1700’s, just not sure who this mystery woman could be.

I just love all the colours in the print, and love how the black and white stripes at the bottom of the dress ties everything in together to make it into a statement, but casual piece.

What do you guys think of the dress?
Love it or hate it?
Share in the comments below!

Outfit Details
Dress: Imperial Fashion
Purse: Furla
Shoes: Shelly’s London

xx CC


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