Summer temps are heating up, and it almost makes me want to say “I hate summer,” but I won’t just yet. This past weekend was the worst! I don’t know how anyone can do anything outdoors!

What are you guys even wearing when you are out and about frolicking in the unenjoyable heat and humidity?

One day, I was literally in this one dress all day long, because I couldn’t tolerate anything else touching my body! It was a light-weight sleeveless chiffon dress that hung loose from my body, and that was all I could handle. I didn’t even wear a bra, because it was too constricting!

You might be asking why I didn’t just stay indoors. Well I couldn’t! I would have locked myself indoors where its beautifully air conditioned, but I had to drive around all over the city running errands for things… otherwise, I would have 100% stayed inside ALL weekend long.

I don’t really want to be hiding from the sun all summer, so I guess it boils down to the outfits, right? It’s gotta be easy, breezy, and comfortable.

Do you guys have any suggestions?
Show me your summer fashion by tagging #creamcottons!

xx CC


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