What a nightmare.
So this week, well leading up to this week i’ve been packing and re-packing for my trip to New York City. I tried on different outfits, bought a couple new pieces, and basically my bags were almost fully packed and ready to go.
It wasn’t until a day or two ago when I decided to look for my passport.
I open it up, and…

I was in a major panic (obviously), calling and texting everyone, freaking out!
Luckily, I still had time to request the “urgent” processing which would be done in
one day.


I’m really not good with official things like that. Any government paperwork, or whatever, I just skim over it all and never read properly.
I’m not irresponsible! I swear!
It’s just… I never had to do this before! I always had help or people reminding me,
“okay don’t forget to renew this, do that, check for this,” etc.

Doing stuff on your own sucks.

Anyway, I have my new passport (yay), and i’m finally ready to leave!
I really needed a vacation, or a change of scenery, so timing couldn’t have been more perfect! So excited for my girls’ weekend trip + the polo match!

I’ve physically been preparing for this trip as well. Like I mean, i’ve been working out and stuff. YES! Me. Working out.
I started working out because I want to look perfect in this dress I bought for the polo game! It’s more fitted to the body, so I can’t have lumps and bumps… right?

Super excited to show you guys all my outfits and all the delicious food i’ll be feasting on!

How do you guys pack or plan your outfits for a trip?
Share in the comments below!

Follow me on snapchat to see what i’ll be up to in NYC!

xx CC


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