I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Mine was definitely well spent with my family and my forever muse, Lola.

Any big holiday, my sister and I usually take turns buying pre-cooked meals from our local market and just heat it up to serve. Well… it was my idea to start doing this, because it always tastes great and it’s super easy — no room for error, right?

This year, my sister surprised us all and cooked for us ALL weekend long! I was actually very impressed with her skills in the kitchen. She’s into this “fresh” and “organic” movement (eyeroll), and really focused on finding the perfect ingredients to make everything from scratch. Not complaining though, because it was all very delicious.

She made cauliflower pesto pizza, fish and chips, soba noodle salad, cobb salad, and the highlight of the weekend, the big Easter feast. So proud of her, and very thankful for her newfound love for cooking.

My contribution to this weekend was more materialistic.

I have this thing where I go all out on decor for special occasions. I needed new Easter/Spring themed dinnerware and Easter decorations, so naturally I splurged a little on that.

Thanks to the amazing Pier 1 Imports store, it was my one stop shop to get it all. I bought these super cute, whimsical, leafy-green placemats to go with the new plates as shown in the above photo. Truth be told, I just saw this whole set up displayed at the store and shoved all of it in my cart.

My one other contribution was decorating eggs.

How adorable were my Easter eggs?! Obsessed!

I saw it on Pinterest, so not an original idea, but I was super pleased with how well they turned out, because let’s face it, Pinterest ideas never turn out like you want them to.

All my eggs were dyed with natural food colouring. I used blueberries, black tea, beets, and orange peels to get the colours. To attach the flower petals, I used thickened sugar water to stick them on.

My best outfit this weekend is pictured above. I actually don’t own a lot of pink clothes, but this outfit makes it seem like I do. Well, I did say it’s the hottest colour of the season, didn’t I?

read my article on the hottest trends for SS17

I wore a pink ribbed bodysuit with a white embroidered skirt over top. Paired it with denim wedges and completed my look with a cute cupcake purse! I was also wearing one of my favourite chokers, but you can’t really see it in the photo. I’ll have to do another post to show you guys the choker in detail.

I never liked the idea of bodysuits because you can’t wear tight pants with them or you see the outline of the suit, and everything about it just seemed too restricting to me.
I still think you can’t wear bodysuits with pants, unless you get them from Wolford because with those ones you can’t see the outline of the suit. But everything else, I’ve decided to accept. It’s actually quite comfortable and it just holds everything in together!

What do you guys think about bodysuits?
Share in the comments below!

Outfit Details
Bodysuit: Topshop (click here)
Skirt: n/a
Shoes: Burberry
Purse: Kate Spade

xx CC


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