Many people argue that the Toronto fashion scene isn’t as epic as the other bigger fashion cities in the world… well no shit. We don’t even have decent local support. The longtime, big supporter for Toronto Fashion Week, Mastercard, dropped out a few years ago, and this years fashion show almost didn’t happen!

Lucky for us fashion bunnies, we have amazing people in the industry that are very passionate about making the Toronto fashion stand out, and want to showcase the local designers’ work. One of these amazing people, is the very talented, Jeff Rustia, founder of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week – TOM*.

Last year at the Toronto Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show, Jeff Rustia announced that he would be taking over the Women’s Fashion Week!
I didn’t end up going to any of the shows for women’s this year, but I was able to attend a couple for the men’s.

I thought that the overall set up in the venue was a little chaotic, and felt the traffic could have been better organized, but perhaps that’s because it was at a new venue. I also think that making all the seating for VIP only, was absurd.
Sure, limit the VIP section to the front row, or a few sections, but taking the entire seating, and then still selling general admission tickets?
Recipe for disaster.

Among all the chaos, I was still able to enjoy the two shows I wanted to go to, and they were very well done – Zane Barlas and Hendrixroe.
I had the pleasure of meeting Zane Barlas at the Soho House before he showcased his collection later that week. Very talented man and admirable that he is a self-made designer, not born into this industry.

I always love going to Toronto Fashion Week, because I love to support our local designers and the community. It’s still enjoyable to take the night off to mingle with other like-minded individuals, and maybe sneak into a few after parties!

Maybe the organization of the flow will improve with time.

On this night, I wore a silk, floral-printed, camo dress and paired it with simple black Jimmy Choo pumps. Nothing too fancy because I wanted to keep the outfit simple enough to move around in.

For those of you that went to the Toronto Fashion Week in March this year,
what did you guys think?

Share in the comments below!

xx CC


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