I’m not super big on makeup, but I do like to dress my lips. In addition to dressing up my lips, I’ll take a pass at the eyes too. And that’s it. Nothing on my face, no foundation, primer, nothing.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m wearing a white top and someone who’s wearing a ton of makeup hugs me… and smudges their face on my shirt. Like, please don’t rub your face on my shirt.

Anyway, back to talking about lips.

I think lips are one of the most important features for a woman. Doesn’t matter if they are thin, small, wide, big; the colour, taste, and smell has to be good. Gotta keep them nice and kissable for a potential smooch!

I had always walked by the Bite Beauty Lab in Toronto, but I never really knew what it was about! So as a belated birthday present, one of my best girlfriends took me to this amazing place!

You literally make your own custom lipstick shade in 20 minutes (once you find the colour you want). The lab artist (mine was named, Kathy) works with you to find your perfect shade, and they will keep mixing different colours until they get it just right for you.

You can also enjoy some sparkling wine as you try on different lipstick shades.

Once you have your perfect colour, you can pick the scents you want from the assortment of essential oils they have available.

Before you know it, your personalized lipstick is ready in a blink of an eye!

Bite Beauty was founded by Torontonian, Susanne Langmuir, who later sold the company to the LVMH-owned beauty incubator, Kendo.

On this day, it was finally starting to feel a little more like Spring, so I wore my leather jacket. Layered underneath, I’m wearing a knitted grey sweater, and matched it with some light-wash, high-waisted denim.

I found this super adorable belt bag at Forever 21 not too long ago, so here it is! Surprisingly, it fit quite a bit of my essentials: wallet, cellphone, keys, lipstick, and perfume!

Be sure to check out the Bite Beauty Lab and make your own lipsticks! Feel free to tag me on Instagram to show me your amazing new custom lipsticks!

Outfit Details
Jacket: All Saints
Sweater: N/A
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Forever 21 (click here)

xx CC


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