It’s always a struggle for me to wear skirts or dresses in the winter, because I hate tights. I only ever wear sheer tights, and somehow, I always manage to get a hole or run through them by the end of the day.
I mean, I still wear skirts and dresses, because it makes the very miserable cold season tolerable if you wear something you look good in — but I’m definitely not comfortable in it!

On this day, I wore one of my favourite layering pieces, a sheer turtleneck long-sleeve. When I wear this top, it just sucks everything in so you can layer slightly more fitted pieces overtop without feeling bulky or suffocating. I layered my sheer top with a fur cap-sleeved jacket. It’s an odd lime-mustard colour, but I actually love this colour!
Another reason why I love my sheer top, or any sheer top for that matter is, when you are heading out in the evening after a long workday, it makes for a great transitional piece, because you can take off the top layer, and wear the sheer long-sleeve on its own (with a cute black bra)!

In an effort to add some more colour to my outfit-of-the-day, I wore a floral embroidered skirt I bought from Zara two years ago. It was originally an A-line skirt, but I took in the sides to make it more fitted for my body.

Now for the highlight of this outfit — my lipstick purse! How adorable is this purse!
It really only holds my wallet and my phone, and when I have to put my keys inside, I need to take my phone out. Not really practical, but I don’t need to bring a lot of stuff to my work, so I can get by. And if you can’t use it for work, it also makes for an excellent accent accessory for the evening! I bought this purse from Aldo last year, so not sure if they will still have it, but maybe your hunting skills are better than mine!

Do you guys have anything in particular you hate wearing in the winter?
Share in the comments below!

Outfit Details
Top: Maska Mode
(similar fitted sheer top here)
Jacket: Maska Mode
Skirt: Zara
(similar skirt available this year)
Purse: Aldo
(not the same, but they have super cute ones available now)

xx CC


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