How amazing is this outfit?! I never say that about my outfits, or at least not out loud, but how great is this?!
After finding these special pieces to add to my already overflowing closet, you have no idea how happy I was to put this one together.

Bringing back some good things from 2016, I’m still pretty obsessed with deep jewel tones and velvet this winter. It adds a touch of edge to your look with the deep tones, but you can also look feminine at the same time from the softness of the velvet. The material is obviously very comfortable, and it hugs you in all the right places so you don’t look bulky or slouchy.
The gold hardware is the perfect touch to add to the bold ensemble, and I always like to err on the side of more edge, so I dressed my feet with my snake-print ankle booties.

This was the perfect outfit to end my week long birthday celebration in! You guys already know i’m not big on celebrating my own birthday, but I have to say, this year was one for the books.
So many special people to thank for being apart of my special day, so thank you (you know who you all are)!

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Outfit Details
Top: Imperial Fashion Italy
Pants: Balmain
Shoes: N/A

xx CC


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