I’m really loving gemstone colours this Fall/Winter, and can’t wait to add more of it to my wardrobe.
My new velvet blue booties by Kendall+Kylie makes it easy to incorporate a touch of gemstone to my outfit everyday, because I can’t stop wearing these shoes! They are extremely comfortable you could run laps in them — which I will never do because I hate running, but I guess you can literally shop till you drop in these shoes because they guarantee no pain!

The only downside I thought initially was that the heels are too short. I am a short girl, so I basically like to walk on stilts. Just kidding, but I do prefer to walk on a minimum of 5 inch heels.
Thankfully, the pointy toes helps to elongate your legs, so it makes up for being short-heeled.

So to all the short girls, keep rocking the short-heeled shoes! And if anyone ends up finding taller velvet blue booties, please let me know!

Outfit Details
Blazer: The Kooples
Top: Imperial Fashion
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Kendall+Kylie

xx CC


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