I always think I have my Halloween costume planned well ahead of time, but that’s never the case.
Every year, after Halloween is over, I say, “OMG next year I’m going to be this” or “I’m going to do that”… but nothing ever goes as planned.

Wait, no, I was super creative this year, because over the weekend, I dressed up as…
a CAT! Black dress with bedazzled cat ears — I’m crafty that way.

Anyway, I had to dress up for work today, so had to think of a second costume. Not only did the “not planning” help, but I also slept in, which gave me 30 minutes to put my face on and dig into my closet for a costume. I’m beginning to think that smudged make-up with messy hair makes for a great costume every Halloween (I think I did this last year for work too).
After putting my look together, I decided to call myself “the girl who escaped the insane asylum for a day.

I was rushing to get to work, so I needed something quick and fast, that kind of still looked good to be seen out in public in. What’s more comfy and flattering than a pajama suit?
This fabulous trend was brought into our world at the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014 Women’s Ready-to-Wear collection. I fell in love with the geometric patterns on the silk fabrics, and ever since laying my eyes on this collection, have been hunting everywhere for something similar, but something more affordable.

My pajama suit is black silk with pink fire birds printed on it and if you look at it from afar, the birds look slightly geometric! This is one outfit you can make as your “go-to” for those days you don’t feel like putting together anything special, or for those days when you feel like “not trying”. You can dress this suit up or down, and obviously wear the pieces separately too, to create a whole different look.
My favourite combo with the top part of the suit, is to wear it with light-wash denim jeans, and pair the look with slides or ankle booties.

I would love to see your pajama suits or your combinations so tag #creamcottons and show me!

Outfit Details
Top: Tenax Women Collection
Bottom: Tenax Women Collection
Socks: Club Monaco
Shoes: Aldo

We’re all mad here.” – Alice in Wonderland

xx CC


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