You know when you make all these plans for the weekend, then cancel all your engagements because you end up passing out super early in the night? Well this basically happened to me last Friday. So I woke up feeling miserable and had no intentions of making my Saturday any better.

BUT, it ended up being one of the best Saturday’s ever! It always seems to work out this way. When you don’t make plans, you end up enjoying yourself more. Do you find that this happens to you too?

It was such a beautiful day outside and I couldn’t ask for better company to enjoy the day with. We did some shopping and lunching… nothing particularly special, but I think we all needed a day like this, which is what made it so perfect. We all found some great pieces to add to our wardrobe! I will definitely share them with you later on!

I wore my favourite suede boots and paired them with one of my super cute childish dresses, and completed the look with a destroyed light-wash denim jean jacket. I really love this dress because you can lounge around at home to stay comfortable in, but with a simple jacket, it transforms into a one-of-a-kind perfect day outfit to shop and lunch in!

The artwork on this dress is inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 Women’s Ready-to-Wear collection. It has chalk drawings that children would normally come up with, and for someone who hates kids, I fell in love with this print the minute I saw this on the runway. So naturally, when I saw this in my favourite store, I had to purchase it!

I will do a separate post on my favourite store because it really is amazing, and I think everyone needs to check it out at least once. But because it’s so special to me, I want to dedicate a whole post on it, so be patient and keep checking back for the big reveal!

Outfit Details
Jacket: Maison Scotch
Dress: Imperial Fashion Italy

xx CC


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