I don’t have a specific fashion era I favour, but I do particularly love the 70’s and 90’s combo right now.

Some may call this the modern 90’s look, and some may say flashback 70’s look. Me, I say call it whatever you want.

Trends tend to pick up inspiration from the past and we basically recreate it with an up-to-date twist. I was super lucky to find this beautiful blue in the flare style I’ve been hunting everywhere for! I love these jeans because it’s not an overwhelming flare and it hugs your body in all the right places. It’s also high-waisted, so it sucks everything in!

The long sleeve shirt doesn’t actually have padded shoulders, but it does have extra tulle gathered underneath the shoulder line to enhance the “poof”. I love this top because it goes with absolutely anything! You can dress up or down with this — there are endless combination possibilities.

I’ve been obsessed with chokers for a long time now and thankfully the trends are bringing in more, unique pieces to play around with, so you can never have too many chokers.

Outfit Details
Top: Imperial Fashion Italy
Jeans: Space Style Concept
Choker: Zara

xx CC



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